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I seek to obtain your confidence as a trusted REALTOR. I look forward to assisting you in a North Georgia home purchase/sale. Please call or email to make an appointment to discuss your home purchase or sale.

More About North Georgia Homes Sales & Julia

I entered the career of Georgia Home Sales in 2006. My youngest son was in high school and I was planning for a future career. I began my journey down a path that I had no formal training and believe me when I say, “Sales is a whole different road to travel.” You do have to face the positives and negatives of business. The negatives are very hard as they do have implications on people and their lives. I have grown as a person in this endeavor and have always felt that life is a journey – some good and some bad. I am trying to latch onto the good leaving the bad for a way to improve.

My sister-in-law years ago encouraged me to join the real estate sales business but I was focused on raising my sons and did not think it wise to work on the weekends during their crucial growing years. I finally decided to join after years of working a corporate job, retiring to raise children then wanting to return to the work force. I am not a “sit-at-home” type person and I have a gift of service. After spending several years educating myself and working in the industry, I feel more confident in my abilities as an agent and supporter in the process.

I have an associate degree in Electronic Engineering from Southern Tech (yes, I said Southern Tech so that might give you an idea of my age), a BBA from Kennesaw State University, passed my real estate sales license in 2006 and obtained my broker’s license roughly 5 years later. I have not obtained many designations in the business as most require more cost to keep the designation. I have focused my training on learning to perform my duties correctly, legally, and understand some of the implications of certain decisions. The industry constantly changes with federal and state laws, mortgage laws and office procedures. I look forward to continue my journey in education and resources to provide the best sales support in North Georgia Home Sales!